Blank layout when using template


I have some problem when I use template to create a new layout.

If I design my template from the template tab, it’s impossible to ue it. Cause when I made a new layout with this one, I have a blank layout with only one full screen empty region. No design, no widget, no other region.

But if I create a layout then convert it in template. I could use this new one for new layout.

So why it doesn’t work ?

I created a template from the template page. But If I used it for a new layout, this last is blank. No region, no widget.

Hi welcome to the community!

Could you please confirm what version CMS you are using?

So I can understand the issue you are having, could you go through the steps you are taking to create your Layout as a Template? Have you ensured that the Layout has been Published and not in a draft status?

Thank you

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