Black screen with data set

Hello, I test for the first time the installation of a page layout with one data set, with a little file .csv. All seems correctly parameterized since the lines (rows) to be published are displayed on the edited layout. I give you an example above. On the other hand, on the screen during visualization, display is black… ?

Hello, excuse me, but I have just found why: I had not filled the parameters of edition in “advanced”. On the other hand, according to the screen of the display the positioning of the table can be different. why please? on a notebook with a little screen it’s not complete.


Have you set the background colour of your layout?

It looks like the background of your layout is Black (this is the default), and the text colour in your dataset is also black. Could this be the issue?

Thank you for your mail. After m’y post i completed the edition data by copying example of Xibo help and it Is ok.
But i have different displays, Tv, laptop and result is not the same. On Tv ok, on laptop just a column is displayed. Why?

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