Black screen between content rotation

We have 5 display 1920x1080 xibo windows and cms 1.8 . each display has pictures and video (10 seconds) content. In each rotation all the displays have black screen then content is coming in seconds. how can i disappear that blanking?

Quick flash after the layout reloads (when the region with longest duration ends) will always be there.

You can change the background colour (so it’s not a black flash if that’s not suitable) and perhaps increase the duration of your widgets, so then the layout won’t reload too often.

On Android client it’s also possible to add transitions effects, that might mitigate the flash, but transitions unfortunately are not supported on windows client.

Where can I change the Background color? I didn’t find a setting to do it for the display. Or do I have to add it to every Screen?

You can change the Background colour for your Layout by selecting the Layouts option in your CMS, click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Layout and choose Edit from the menu. Next select the Background tab, you will see the Background Colour option.

Alternatively you can access the Background colour settings from the Layout Designer. You will see the Background button above the Layout Canvas, on the left hand side. Once you have clicked the Background button, you will see there is a Background tab with the same options as my previous suggestion.

Many Thanks.