Black Screen after the last region


First of all this software is awesome. Well done!!! :smile:

My questions is that I have 3 image, Timeline 1, 2 and 3. After the 3rd timeline is complete I see a black screen for about 1second then it repeats the process. Is there a way just to have it loop without seeing the black screen?


Hi John,

The black screen is the layout being refreshed because all 3 of your images have finished.

There isn’t a way to stop the layout refreshing once it has finished, but you can make the Layout last longer. A good day to do that would be to add a text region which contains a “space” character (i.e. no text) and set its duration to something higher - say 15 minutes).

You wouldn’t want to set it too high, as that may interfere with any scheduling you do in the future.

Thanks Dan,

Keep up the GREAT work!!!