Birthday: how to schedule automatically


I received a strange request from our HR (that has a lot of time to waste).
There’s a way to show on Xibo the message “Happy BDay to Dude” and scheduled it AUTOMATICALLY ?
I have a list of people with their bday.

Any idea ?

Well, technically yes.

You can have a dataset, with birtday dates, names etc layout with ticker (dataSet set as source) displaying text ‘Happy BDay to [Name|1]’ with filter to show only names of people that have bday that day - there is a topic here on community site about it.

Where [Name|1] would be columnName from your dataSet.

Now for that

part, I guess you could use API to schedule your layout with dataSet to display/displayGroup (as ‘normal’ layout or overlay layout perhaps) or use changeLayout call, I’m not sure what should trigger it though, as that’s not specified by your HR dept.