Big question for Xibo veterans!

i am currently hosting my xibo cms along with my website on a shared hosting account. as the number of my screen location increase the hosting company complain too much about cpu usage. so i invested in buying my own hp server so that i can add more xibo players to my network at a low cost.

now i my server specs:
hp proliant G6
dual intel xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz
memory ram: 112GB
HDD: 1.156TB and OS is Ubuntu 16.04 without GUI
my question is that, is my server good enough to handle 150 xibo players? or what do you recommend?

I’d say “probably”. I can’t be more specific because each users usage of Xibo is different.

Clearly if you have those 150 Players connect to the CMS every minute, they’ll put a very different load on it to if you have them connect every 12 hours.

And when they do connect, will they have a high turnover of new content to download? Will they be uploading stats etc.

It’s very hard to size a CMS on that basis. The best you can do is look at what your using currently with your real workload, and then scale up from that to see if this new server will meet your requirements.