Best way to program the display to go OFF and ON


For much time I thought that the “dayparting” function it’s used to command the unrooted device(android) to shut down the display and start it up.
It’s there another “dayparting” used to make an ON/OFF schedule of the monitor and also to Android Player?

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  1. Full UNROOTED ANDROID with display
    I use the “dayparting” to go ON from Monday to Friday at 08:00 and off at 21:00. For Weekend to be ON at 10:00 and OFF at 12:00. Also to be ON again at 16:00 and OFF at 03:00.

  2. Full UNROOTED ANDROID used on CEC TV/Display
    same as #1

It’s not possible for us to send those commands on an Android device. The DSCS9 has built in to its firmware the ability to send CEC commands to power on and off the attached display.

You telling me I can’t command to a android device SOC like BDL4330QL/00 | Philips from CMD to shutdown the display at all?
I can restart this device, why I can’t shut down the display?

What I’m saying is Xibo for Android can run commands and it can fire intents. The device needs to support receiving those and acting on them.

So for a DSCS9, it has as part of its firmware a listener that listens for a command from Xibo for Android and causes the hardware in the DSCS9 to send a CEC command to turn the attached screen on or off.

I expect Philips will have a command or intent that can be used to turn the backlight on or off on a SoC device, but I don’t have that information to hand. We’ll try and find out, but you might ask your local Philips support directly how that’s done and then you can configure Xibo to send the intent or command as required.

Ohhh GOOD! I have the commands but are in the hex code… It is point 4 – page 13The SICP Commands Document V2.03 14June2019.pdf (2.9 MB)

Those commands are designed to be sent from a remote machine over the network rather than from the device itself. You’d need to ask Philips how they can be run from the device itself, or for an alternative (such as in intent) to control the backlight.

We’ve opened an issue with Philips to see if they can tell us, and if they come back with anything I’ll update here.

Hi Alex,

You already have the LED controls for philips devices. I assume those working over the network too because I am getting socket closed errors on tpv | led commands on xibo logs. And while xibo led commands not working, I can’t send any other network commands too. Therefore any other command then “tpv | led” for philips devices should be very similar?
Could you point out at what part those commands/intents are in the xibo code?

The commands for controlling LEDs on the Philips devices that have them are via a proprietary interface that Philips provide.

The correct commands are:


You need to be using a device that has those LEDs for those commands to work. The display you mention above doesn’t have them.

As I’ve mentioned we’ve opened a case with Philips to see if this is possible, and I will update when they respond. Until then there’s nothing further I can do for you.

Maybe you can use this information better. It’s a code builder:!AF2vaXR_SX1s-BE&id=F789B11F50FC96FD!10585&cid=F789B11F50FC96FD

Any news or have you check the app I give you?

When there’s anything to update you with, I will do so. Until then, there’s nothing further I can do to help you with this.

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