Best way to achieve this schedule configuration?


I have to do a signage for a restaurant.

The layout is identical every days. Only a text zone is changing :

monday to saturday morning from 00h00 to 14h00 i have to display each day a different "menu du jour"
sunday morning from 00h00 to 14h00 i have to display the "sunday menu"
monday to sunday after-morning from 14h00 to 00h00 i have to display the each days a different “menu du soir”

How can avoid the creation of a miriad of layouts to schedule this setup ?

Thanks !


event 1 Mon - Sat
Start 00:00
End 14:00
repeat weekly
every 1

event 2 Sunday
Start 00:00
End 14:00
repeat weekly
every 1

event 3 Mon-Sun
14:00 - 00:00
repeat weekly
every 1

I’d say 3 layouts (one to each event), now while you could change the text every day, it might not be the most effective way of doing it.

I’d suggest datasets, you could probably have just one dataset with menus for each day in separate columns and then use some clever SQL filters to show only what is needed - you can have a look here and various topics on this site.

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Thanks Peter,

Could you assist me to create the SQL filter ?
Based on this clause: DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), ‘%W’)
I must be able to filter and display the menus of the day only hiding the others columns ?

My datasets:

  • MorningMenus
  • EveningMenus

Columns :

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

mmm, I think I’d suggest something like that (Of course you’d need more records and for each day, that’s just an example with to show you what I mean)


‘Description’ is not really needed, but it might help to instantly know what’s what without looking up the dates.

Now ticker/dataset item on a layout would display ‘Menu’ column (in appearance tab) with following filter:


so for today it would be:

Now, that will require you to either prepare more rows with dates for a few weeks in advance or to change the dates in the dataset (if the menus are the same each week, that’s probably better approach)

Question that you may have:

“Would filter like: Description = "Wednesday" work?”
Yes it would, that would require you to change that filter each day, that’s why I didn’t recommend it.

“Do I need time with these dates?”
You would if you’d use one dataset, since you want to use two datasets (morning/evening) then that would be taken care of because you’ll have different layouts scheduled at a appropriate time, so date column does not need time.

“Can I use columns I mentioned?”
You could do that, but again that would require to change the appearance tab on your ticker each day, since menus would be in columns ‘Monday’ ‘Tuesday’ etc so you’d need to change that every day. That’s why I didn’t recommend it

So yeah, there are few ways you could do that, it’s well personal preference I guess, I think the one I mentioned will be easier to maintain and cause less everyday hassle.

Let me know if you have other questions about it or if I should explain something in more details.

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Thanks for the very detailed explanation !

You’re welcome, I hope it will help you.