Best program for dumping and backing


Just wondering which program do you use to backup e.g. dumping and importing.

This is for mysql backup. Can i use the default shell or can i use phymyadmin or is their other programs?



Assuming you’re running a relatively simple setup, then the official tool is mysqldump. That’s the best thing to use.

Fair enough

Is this syntax ok for dumping the database?
mysqldump -u root -p password xibo_02 > Xibo1.sql


Assuming your database is called xibo_02 then yes that looks correct to me. There’s lots of other options, depending on your requirements, but in it’s most simple form that will dump your database in to Xibo1.sql

You may want to visit the log page inside the CMS and truncate the log before you run that, to avoid backing up any log messages as part of the backup.

Thank you for your help.


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