Best practice for uninstalling CMS?

Hey all,

Is there a best practice for uninstalling a CMS? When 1.8 came out we moved our CMS from a shared webhost to it’s own host. Now that 1.8 has been running successfully for so long, the old 1.7 CMS should come off of the shared webhost.

Is this a simple matter of dropping the SQL database and deleting the Xibo folder in Apache? Or is there a more complete/correct way of uninstalling the old CMS without disturbing the rest of the host?


So yes drop the database, delete the Xibo folder. That should be broadly it.

You may have specific virtual host definitions set up for it, or rewrite rules, or cron jobs. There’s no real way to know without either having installed it myself or having sight of it, but it would be worth looking for anything left over that references it and removing that too - if you’re sure that won’t cause issues for your other sites.

Okay, great. I was hoping it would be straightforward. Thanks, Alex.