Behaviour of screens when there is a loss of network

It seems when the display screens have network issues, the Xibo splash screen is displayed (as they can’t contact the Xibo server)
Is it possible to set up the displays so that when there is a loss of network, they keep displaying the last layout scheduled to it.

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Glenn Schultz

What CMS and player version do you please?
What’s on your layout?

It should work that way actually.

Unless there are webpages / embedded content on your layout then that will not work without internet connection.

All images/videos (files that are downloaded and stored by the player) should continue to work even without internet connection - player will show errors regarding CMS connection of course, but it should display content as scheduled (assuming player had connection to the CMS to download required files and schedule of course).

I had as similar problem this morning. My Xibo server (a virtual machine on my desktop) also hosts a webserver that serves the embedded pages every display uses. My desktop restarted w/ updates last night - thnx, Win10! - and the virtual machine did not automatically start back up, because I’m a dork and didn’t configure it to do so.

Since the xibo/webserver went down, ever xibo client I had running as screensaver immediately locked up and would not respond without a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to terminate it.

I am running a brand-spankin’-new 1.7.8 installation.

ok, thanks Peter.
I can confirm your response is correct, both for when network is lost on the display screen itself and when the Xibo server is not contactable

Kind Regards