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hi…i want to ask
we subscribe a xibo cloud for 12 pc.which is i have 24 gb for bandwith and 6 Gb for the storeage. We have a layout thay 90 % is a video files.
Does it always consume bandwith when the pc are played the layout content ? or just one time when the player are download all of the content to the local library in every pc.

Because we have 4 active player from 12 pc…and just 3 day the in my dashboard said we’ve used 20 from 24 gb bandwith?

today i’ve recently update the layout video 20 Mb size…and i remotly check the player there are notification that we’ve reach limit the bandwith and the new video not played in the player?

Is there any suggestion ?

Welcome to the community sbi!

When you use Xibo in the Cloud, your Bandwidth is not used when media is being played back on your Players. If you have used all of your monthly bandwidth I would recommend you open a ticket with the Xibo Help desk so they can investigate the issue. Below is a link you can use to create a ticket, please make sure to include the URL of your CMS in the message.

Many Thanks.

thank u for the responeses
i’ve created ticket that u suggest.
hope this can solved the problem

Best Regards

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