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I do the tests on an android tablet with the xibo apk installed, but the end user is a DSCS9X


I am creating a campaign to not have a very long layout but the behavior is incorrect.

I have created a layout of 2 images that last 2 seconds each. And another layout with a video that lasts 15 seconds and an image that lasts 5 seconds. In no case is the loop option checked.

On the android device the layout of the 2 images appears about 8 times and then the layout of the video appears another 2 times. Why doesn’t each one appear once? That would be the behavior expected by me. What am I doing wrong? Do the layouts have a minimum duration?

I hope you can help me. Thank you


How is this content scheduled in your “schedule” menu?

This is my schedule setup. Always appear

At a guess the video is getting blacklisted.

Make sure that your video is in a suitable format, we would recommend H264 encoded MP4 format for video.
You may need to fix your video so please do take a look at our FAQ which uses Handbrake to convert the video to an alternative format/encoding, if required.

Do let us know if this solves your issue.

It seems that the problem is in the tablet where I do the tests. I have done more tests but this time in a DSCS9X and everything works correctly.

Thanks for the support

Great to hear you have everything working!

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