Backup xibo 1.8.2


I wanted to see how I could import a backup with xibo docker to an xibo installed in IIS, or how to import the slides from an xibo with docker to an xibo with iis


First install the 1.8.2 CMS under IIS.

Next, you would need to copy the library directory from shared/cms/library to the new location on your IIS server.

You would then need to backup the database from the Docker install, or take the latest backup which you’ll find in shared/backup/db/latest.sql.gz, and then import that in place of the database you already have.

Finally, you would need to edit the database directly to correct the LIBRARY_LOCATION setting in the database, and then you should be able to log in.

UPDATE setting set value=“c:\xibo-library/” where setting=“LIBRARY_LOCATION”;

The setting MUST end in a / for it to work.

Thanks Alex!!!