Backup and Restore Xibo Database or System

I have Xibo installed on Ubuntu Server with Docker and I would like to know what files should backup it and how to restore it.

I read a bit and I think these are but I’m not 100% sure.

  1. /opt/xibo/

And I do not know how to perform the full Xibo restore.

Welcome to the Xibo Community!

As you are using a Docker based installation, you should find creating a backup not too difficult to do.

I would recommend that you backup the files and folders at the directory shared/backup and shared/cms. I would also recommend making a backup of your config.env and docker compose files as well.

If you have retained your Xibo config and compose files, along with the shared files mentioned above, you should have everything you need to restore your CMS. As long as you place those files in the correct directory locations for your installation, you should be able to docker-compose up -d your CMS again.

Many Thanks.