Background unable to show in layout

Hi There,

after i upload the .jpg image for background , but layout have not show my background , but when i do preview i can saw the background.

Please Help.

Hi tcp01315,

I would turn on auditing for the CMS, Then modifying the layout and see what is in the log related to the downloading of the layout. If you see errors related to it, then please post the errors.

Edit: Does the custom resolution of “my laptop” work on other layouts?

Hi cslaughter,

Thanks , i done it in other way, not sure this is the good way, just sharing.

1)in layout> create full page Region> edit the region > add library> assign background image (before have to upload in media) > then i can see the background appear.

  1. after that create new Region video, rss, clock…etc fix in to background.
  2. then delete the background image region.
  3. from the options >background assgin the same background and save it the colour leave it #00000

see below:

Hi tcp01315,

That is strange that you would need to add then remove and then re-add the back ground image. I have never had to do that.