Background transparency problem

Hello all,

I have a CMS installation of Zibo on my webserver with the latest build. 1.8.1. We are using an android Minix Zeo Z64 with KitKat 4.4.4.

Most everything is working and Zibo mostly rocks.

I am trying to set a background with a transparent area (.png) so I can put an image behind it and the image show through the transparent portion of the background. Is this possible? All I get on the transparent portion is black.

Also, I think I found a bug: when I move the image behind (order) the background, I can no longer access the region of the image by the controls in the layout screen.

Thank you.


Android client does support true transparency, some widgets also allow you to use transparent background.
Other than that you can use z-index to set the layers on your layout.

You’re most likely correct, especially if you set it to negative z-index value - Z-index field accepts negative ('-') values · Issue #1139 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

Thanks you for your response.

I see you say the Android client does support the transparency but I am not getting a transparency, only black where it should be transparent.

My background is a .PNG. Should it be a different format?



It sounds like you’re trying to do it back to front.

You’d set whatever you want rear-most as the layout background. Do not set an explicit z-index on the background.

Then you create a full-screen region that holds your image with the cutout in it, and set it’s z-Index to say 1.

Then create other regions on top of that, with z-index set to 2 or higher for your other content.

In the designer, the region you are currently mousing over will be top-most to allow you to access it’s menu. When you run it on an Android Player, the z-index will be respected.

PNG files are fine.

Thank you Alex. That is exactly what I needed.

Just one thing:
I have a few regions that need their media (image) changed frequently. Let’s say they are layer 2. On “top” of them, I have as you suggested a full screen image with transparent areas set to layer 3. I would expect that if I change it from later 3 to 1 it moves behind the active regions so I can edit them but that’s not what happens. The full screen image with the transparent areas seems to alway be “on top” of my active regions and I cannot click on their controls.

How can I change the images in the regions without resizing the full screen image to get to the regions behind it all the time?

Thanks again,