Background Music

I have come across times when it would have been super convenient to have been able to add simple background music to an layout.

Simple Layout being displayed in the cafeteria showing HR/Safety/Welcome content. When a holiday comes around and an event is held in the cafeteria, it would be nice to bale to simply add background music to the layout (i.e. Christmas music).

It would be nice to be able to assign a playlist that the user can set to loop or play once or simply add music to a layout (possibly in a different timeline making two. One visual, one audio) with an option to either have the music change with the slide transition or have it be able to persist playing the same song through transitions.

I rather prefer a muted TV and put some music on the stereo speakers. But if you want to do this with Xibo you can.
You can create an online music playlist and add embedded HTML to your Xibo display. Don’t want this player to be displayed? No problem!
In windows you can put this region behind another region since Xibo cannot overlay regions. On ubuntu you can shrink this region to 1 pixel and put it somewhere in a corner.

Thank you for the reply.

As a feature request, I’d like to see something implemented so non-IT folk can take use such a feature. I have many different users using the Xibo UI to manage our 30 displays.