Background Cuts Off / Incomplete

Hello all,
I’ve just recently begun using 1.7.8 in production, and I have run into an issue I haven’t seen throughout my testing – When some (not all) jpg backgrounds are set for a layout, they are loading incomplete on the player. Throughout my testing, this was never the case as I had full screen background images on my layouts, but on two layouts so far, it is cutting off. It is not the image height, the actual image is being cut/not fully loading. Also, it appears properly in preview but incorrectly on the player.

I have attached an image for reference. Ignore the white/yellow portions as I’ve covered the information – I’m not certain if the information is publicly sharable (it should be, but better safe than sorry lol).

Any ideas?


Alright, just putting this out for anyone who runs into this in the future – I simply re-uploaded the image with a different name, and assigned the newly uploaded one to the background. On update, it worked! I only did this for one of my layouts – The other which I posted, I suppose someone else in the system figured that out too, or it just self corrected. Hope that info can help someone eventually.