Autosize pictures

Hi all,

I have an html table created dynamically from dataset. I have a column where are only pictures and I want to resize this pictures to fit exactly in the table cell. For example, if I have 8 pictures that are 160x90 it will display perfectly on a screen with resolution of 1280x720 like mine. But if I add two more rows and the pictures have the same size of 160x90 they will not appear. If I eliminate 3 more rows let’s say and I have 5 rows in my table with the same resolution of the pictures, the table will not display on the whole screen.
I tried to put attribute “height:auto;” but it doesn’t work. If someone can help me I would be grateful!

Sorry but I can’t think of a way to make this happen - seems to me like you’d have to use the “rows per page” option to ensure that you had a fixed page size.