Automatic scrolling text by date day

Hello everyone

I use a xibo platform, on an information screen or write a list of future events.

do you have a script that can move this list text?

example: today we are 05/01 with the event xx, tomorrow I would like this script to check the day we are and move and cancel the event of 05/01 is to raise the event 06/01.

example 2: list of 5 days
day after

the day 05, no you see more.

so until the end 1.1.2018 as of 31.12.2018.

use google translator;) sorry


Which CMS version are you using please?

Is it just in text widget or does the data come from a dataSet created in Xibo?

In any case, you can set effects on the widget (like marquee, scroll etc), if you’re using dataSet and then Ticker to display the data you can also set a filter to show only relevant data and not all of it.

There are several use cases in this very site if you’d like to see those.

The manual should be helpful as well -

it is a text written in a text region.

no dataset

cms version: N / A

but the version of xibo is 1.7.6.

If it’s just a text widget then there’s no automation around that that would allow you to add or remove text automatically.

You’d have to create separate layouts containing the text you want for each day, and use the schedule to show those at the correct time.

If you upgraded to 1.8 series, you could use a dataset and a ticker built from that to do what you want.