Automatic adress

I’ve just installed Xibo 1.7.9. Everything works fine, except for the Signage Player (Windows) which basically doesn’t remember the CMS adress or the key. I can prompt it manually and everything works, but as soon as I restart the computer the player is back to the default settings for adress and key (“http://localhost/xibo” and “yourserverkey”). And I have to manually type in the right adress and key for the player to connect to the CMS.

Does anyone know how to make the player remember my settings?

hm, so those settings are in:

Did you have some older Xibo versions installed in this PC?
Are you using an account with admin permissions?

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Hi! Thanks for your quick answer. I think it may have something to do with the account not having admin permissions. I’ll look in to that. Thanks!

If the account does not have admin permissions, can you work around it? Unfortunately I am not granted access to admin permission.

hmm, perhaps if admin could you give you read/write permissions to appdata\roaming and xibo library folder (just in case) that could be enough.