Auto-Set device time problem

I just tried setting up my DSC9 player purchased from the Xibo store and is working wonderfully except from one thing. Every time it is powered off it loses its date and time and does not automatically set the time despite using the setting “set date/time automatically”. This then throws off the schedule of the displayed content until the time is manually set. Also, the time reverting back to 2014 deactivates the Android license so it won’t get any updates until it is manually reactivated. Thoughts? Help!

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HI Wires :slight_smile: Welcome to Xibo Community Forum!

It looks like this issue has been discussed and solved here , please take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

I tried the various items in that thread, including this last item quoted above. The only time it worked was when the device was connected via ethernet. When over wifi, the device does not connect to the get the time. I’ll continue my seach for something that might be being blocked over wifi, however, other wireless android devices are able to automatically set the time over wifi without any problems.

In the Display Settings profile in the CMS you can tick “Use CMS time” and the device will set its time from the CMS.

If your CMS uses https connections, you’ll need to make sure that Xibo itself is handling the redirect between http and https rather than your webserver or reverse proxy as a device with incorrect date and time cannot make an https connection either. If you’re using Cloud, it’s correctly setup anyway so you just need to tick the box and ensure you’re running a recent player version - eg R202.

If your device has Android, try install some app like ClockSync.

@alex My device came last week with R108 on it. It looks like I have an available upgrade available but I haven’t tried to find where to download that yet.

Also, it is connecting to the Xibo cloud hosting. I double-checked and it is set to an HTTP connection. In the other post, there was mention of a firmware upgrade that could be related to network time. I had assumed my new device would have had the latest firmware, but I’ve been wrong before…

@Jonatan I installed ClockSync but get the “Can’t connect to NTP Server” error. This makes me think, I might need to update the firmware, or there really is something on our network blocking access to the NTP servers. I’m leaning towards the latter since a test of running the ClockSync on another device produces the same error.

I’ll keep looking and keep you posted. Thanks guys!

The current DSCS9 does ship with R108 - that’s expected because we still have some customers running 1.8 CMS instances and R108 will connect to both 1.8 and version 2 CMS instances quickly and easily.

In the near future - likely when 2.2 is released we’ll look to bring it up to latest again.

Upgrading the Player version is done via the CMS and takes 2 minutes - you upload the APK which you can download from here: in to Player Versions and then assign it to your display settings profile or directly to the display. Full guide here:

If you’re connecting your Player to a Cloud CMS, you should make sure it’s connecting via https. The Player knows to make the request for the time (and that request only) over http.

All that remains then is to edit your display settings profile and tick the box that says Use CMS time? on the Advanced tab.

Once that is set the Player will take the time from the CMS periodically and use that to set the Android system clock for you.