Audios dont working (External URL)


We have the following situation:

We installed the xibo for windows (we buy the whitelabel) on several computers configured in a private local network within a company.

Inside the layout of xibo we have a part that is placed as an External URL which is a system for handling a customer service program. This system is configured on a local server within the company.

This system use audios (wav format) that are located inside a folder on each computer that have xibo installed. The situation is that audios are not being heard when the xibo client is deployed on the screens, however, when we test the system via its own URL then the audios work.

What can be the solution?

Could you please confirm that:
You have IE11 installed on your PCs?
It plays the audio directly in IE11?

If yes, then please double check that you have correct registry entries as described here Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

1.7.8 client and later versions should make those changes during installation.