Audio with embedded html


We’re writing a simple queue management system, where the number is shown as an embeded html.
When the number changes, it plays a sound. But the sound doesn’t work on android player (still have not tried on windows player).
With chrome, in a normal web page, I have to interact with a click on the page, to make it allow me to play the sound. But obviously this interaction is not possible on Xibo.
Is the problem the same? Is there a workaround?



Xibo for Windows Player uses Internet Explorer. Xibo for Android uses Android WebView.

Webview didn’t support ‘autoplay’, it requires user interaction to play. There are some tricks to do it, but it doesn’t work on all devices.


Thank you Jonatan, I did some research.
With default Chrome,it’s possible to disable autoplay policy or setting a parameter (chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy).

Is it possible to set such flags in Webview used by Xibo? I use only DSCS9 Android players.