Audio is not functioning well in the TV

Xibo is a great savior in our project now. But the problem is the audio, it is not clear … so much noise.
we preview the layout in the laptop and the audio is functioning well but in the output in the TV monitor, audio is more like a noise. Why is that? does it have a solution to this issue ? if yes, then how ?

That seems odd, I don’t think Xibo interfere with that, it’s all on the device (in Xibo you can only mute it completely)

What cms and client versions do you use?

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we used raspberry pi 2b , chromium

please help us. :cry:

We’re having the same problem. We’re running v1.6 for both client and cms on a Raspberry pi 2B. We played the same .mp4 and .avi video files using omxplayer and had no problems. However, when running the client all video files have cracking/noisy audio. We can’t seem to pinpoint the cause.

yeah. we also tried using omxplayer, vlc player, smplayer but still, it didnt solve the noisy audio in the tv