Asus QM1 Stick PC

Has anyone successfully tested this stick with Xibo ?

Asus QM1 Stick PC

Windows 10 Home
Windows 8.1 (Free upgrade to Windows 10 Home)

Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F
Intel® Atom™ Processor Z8300

Chipset Integrated

Graphic Intel® HD Graphics

Memory 2 GB DDR3L

Storage 32GB

Wireless Data Network 802.11 b/g/n , Bluetooth V4.0

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I did :slight_smile:
I did it with Intel Compute Stick,

The performance is okay and it works but you will need to be a bit careful with the content because the CPU in this one and yours is the older version which isn’t so good.
The new generation that comes directly with Windows10 is much better but i however do not like the Windows 10 home edition :frowning:


We are also using a couple of 1st generation Intel Compute Sticks (with the Win8 installed by default), and as a client for Xibo no problems at all. Sometimes we had a issue with the wireless connection, and therefore sometimes not reachable anymore.

But now we are rebooting them every night, and no problems at all.

Also playing HD video’s without any problems.


We are using over 60 of this sticks in different locations somwith for xibu the most as thin client.

We using some Asus some Intel but the most melee because they are fablessed and have best passive cooling system on market.

With win 10 and xibi we had some problems so we using sticks with with 8 for xibi.

The course gourmet power is OK but it could be better especially when switching from a complicated to a other complicated layout with graphical and video loading takes up to 5 sec with show a inclement screen with not looks very nice…

WiFi is a.problem on all of this sticks…

We using USB to land adapters or USB WiFi adapters