"Associate Layouts" option is not working

“Associate Layouts” option is not working.

CMS 1.8.2 - PLAYER 1.8 R102

01 - What exactly does the “Associate Layouts” option found in the player’s dropdown menu appear on the “Players” screen

Because I selected some layouts, saved, restarted the player, waited, and nothing happened.

I went on the appointment and nothing was scheduled.

02 - NOTE: If you are to schedule multiple videos automatically to the chosen player, it would be very interesting that a box to select DAYPARTIN ALWAYS was available. Otherwise we will always have to enter the layouts one by one to enable this option.


03 - The layouts appeared in the schedule after a few minutes but were not displayed because I have to log in one by one to activate dayparting.

04 - OBS. From the player menu “Where I added these layos” I can no longer remove them.
How do I remove the “Associated by the playerr” screen layouts? I remove, save, but they do not.

01 - I assume you’re using different language in CMS, it’s ‘Assign layouts’ ‘Assign Files’, in normal use you do not want to use that, it will just send required files for those layouts or files to the player, but it will not show them, you need create an event on schedule page for that.

02 - Perhaps create a campaign, which essentially is a group of ordered layouts and then schedule said campaign?

03 - I’m not sure what you mean here, sorry could you please elaborate further?

04 - It’s a known bug - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1242
It should not affect layout playback, as I mentioned assigning layouts directly to display is not necessary, you should be scheduling them instead.