Assigning Default layout to "Display Group"

I need some advice or trick how to do this. Not sure if possible.
I have customer group lets call it X which is set of displays customer want to manage themselfs, occasionally we support them with some graphics.
They would like to have their own DEFAULT layout which is played while no other content or while a new is loading. As today it plays our internal “default layout”. We would like to separate it. Is is possible?

You can assign a default layout to selected displays on the Displays page and use the with selected option.


Thank you

Not really what I mean. I know how to assign default layout.
but I want to have customer group X with Xx default layaout then customer Y with Yy default layout.
How do that ?

Are you saying that you want two default layouts? If so then the easiest solution would be to make a Campaign with the existing default and the customer layout and schedule that as Always. Then for any specific layouts that need to be shown you could schedule with a Priority to override.

good idea, thank you :slight_smile:

I will have to test it, because I remember that during a schedule refresh or updates sometimes the default layout pops up and loading page which waiting for the scheduled onces, so I need to prevent that too.