Asset Files Downloading Multiple Times


I have 232 devices running 1.7.9 Windows Client, pointed to a 1.7.9 Server. I created a new schedule for all devices last Saturday the 14th. The size of the new files total just less than 200MB. However, I checked a few of the clients today, and the network monitoring tool (Networx) reports Xibo usage of over 400MB on some devices. It shows that on the 14th, there was around 190MB usage, and then on the 15th, there was around 240MB usage.

When I look at the three asset files on the client, the modified date on these kiosks is the 15th. However, not every kiosk did this. If you look at the attached image, you can see that most the devices have used around the same bandwidth, yet there are a few that have used more. Every change I make is applied to all kiosks, so I am just wondering why I am seeing some with double the usage. Is this due to the assets becoming corrupted during download and having to start over?

Any help would be appreciated. I have been doing a lot of work to reduce data usage on these clients. Things are much better than they were, however, I still see cases like this where I can’t explain the difference in usage.

Thanks as always for the great support.


Likely the file was corrupted in transit and failed checksum, so was downloaded again.

Okay, so poor network strength could play a factor here correct? Its interesting because if you notice in the attached image, the first 150 or so of the kiosks are almost identical, however the last 80 or so are showing more usage. Those last 80 are in a different city, and I believe the network strength is not as good as the city with the first 150 or so.

But to confirm, this is really the only thing that would cause a file to essentially “restart” downloading on the client. Is there anything I can set to prevent this?


The Player will download content once, and keep it downloaded for as long as you have that content scheduled (plus a few days). It won’t download stuff over and over unless what it gets downloaded isn’t the same as what’s on the CMS.

If your content drops off the schedule for a period, then the Player may delete that content to free space, and will then have to download it again if you schedule it subsequently.