AssertionConsumerServices property is not configured

CMS Version for Docker

Version 3.2.1
OS: RedHat 8


I have deployed an ADSF server, created the relying party trust, set the claim issuance policy according to Xibo official website SAML Single Sign on with Active Directory - ADFS | Xibo Digital Signage. However, once trying to authenticate we get an error with the following description:

Error details: The AssertionConsumerServices property is not configured for relying party trust ‘https://myxibocms.domain.local/saml/acs

My settings-custom.php is defined as per your guide. Can you give me a hand on this? I have been troubleshooting for more than a week but I’m not a developer or a SAML expert.

Thank you

Hi, welcome to the Community!

The error is from ADFS not Xibo and could suggest that the URL that Xibo is on does not match what you have set up in ADFS:


check what you have here (checking http vs https)

It could also be:

`sp' => array (
        'entityId' => 'https://<yourCMS>/saml/acs',
        'assertionConsumerService' => array (
            'url' => 'https://<yourCMS>/saml/acs',

If that does not match then ADFS could be saying “the ACS URL I’m being asked to authenticate isn’t registered” so it’s wrong at one end or the other.

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They did match. As I mentioned, my config file followed the Xibo website instructions, however, without any changes, today the error went away, I’m wondering if some kind of cache from the ADSF that I can’t understand since we reboot the server several times.

Anyway, our next issue was about the home user folder id but we finally sorted it out thanks to the community on this post… Xibo CMS 3.2.1 - Released.

Many thanks!!!

Glad to hear your issues are resolved :+1:

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