API - Layout not build yet


I have the following problem:
i use the api to remove and add widgets to the region playlists

Since i upgrades from 1.8.3 to 1.8.7 the layouts are having the following status:

Layout has not been build yet.

It seems something have changed in the API ?!?!?!?

What suprises me:

  • I only have to open the layout with : Design
  • go back to layoyts
  • Now the layout has suddenly the status OK

Can someone help me please?

By opening the designer you’re ‘forcing’ layout build process, without that, it should be done when the regular maintenance task runs - you may want to ensure that XTR and therefore the tasks are running correctly.

Any changes to the layout will change it’s status, that’s perfectly normal and actually important to happen, as when it is build CMS can notify the displays about the changes.