API Integration to monitor a folder or FTP and auto-import files

This would make the creation of a drop-dead simple implementation trivial - just drop your files in this folder and they automatically map to a playlist, remove them and they get removed.

This is a much requested feature as it takes away all the complexity of the Web Portal.


Would this also do excel files? Converting them to datasets? Would it be a feature that can handle multiple folders and playlist?

It’s certainly possible - what becomes slightly more challenging is deciding how to identify which dataset to update and which playlist to update.

Perhaps you have to configure a folder against a playlist or dataset?

I’ve put this feature here for now because I was cleaning out another system we have for tracking various things and didn’t want to lose it. We don’t have a full specification or timeline and can therefore be influenced :smile:

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I like that idea. It would make it easy for our customers who have menu boards to update them by just sending a file to a folder via ftp or a web form.

Would also be nice that if an image file, say a JPG, was uploaded to the folder it would also change the background to that image.

Is this something that is still being looked at?

We’ve not put this on the road map yet, but it is still being considered. We do now have the mechanism in place to make it happen.

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