API - GET Tags Multiple, And || Or

Just to confirm what I think we are seeing…

When specifying multiple tags to filter media, the multiple tag lookup is applied as “or” and not “and”?

I see @Dan that 5 days ago you added support for exactTags in 1.8.3(Thank You!). Would this option also include the ability to search for media that matches multiple tags, or just to specify that searching for “ab” would not return a match for “abc”?

I ask because I would like to also search by multiple tags and only return results that include all the tags.

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It should work the same way as it does in the web ui when you add 2 or more tags to it.

ie let’s say

should return 20 (length) records of media that have imported tag or test tag or both of them.

In this case if you’d have let’s say test2 tag it will be returned as well, with the exactTags it will not.

I see what you mean though and while I’m not certain about it I think we would need yet another filter option for that to return only records that match all tags in the filter, which I guess should be achievable - @dan will be able to correct me if I’m wrong


Thank you for the reply and confirming how the filters work for me.