API Change Layout for a Display

Hello everyone,

I want to change the layout for one of the displays and not for a group.

But don’t find a Api Call for it .

Can i change the layout for a display over schedule with the parameters always?

Can Somebody help?

Thank You

Each display has it’s own unique display specific displayGroupId - that’s what you want to use in changeLayout API call - I believe it should be mentioned somewhere near the end of my API guide as well.

ie you need to call GET Displays
which will give you display specific displayGroupId

and then you can use that displayGroupId in the changeLayout call it will be sent only to the specific player.

Thank you Peter,

what is the changeMode for NOW and not queue ?

solved replace is the command :slight_smile:


you succeed in changelayout call

i get displaygroupid
i get layoutid
i used replace

but it’s wrong :slight_smile:
“grid”: false,
“success”: false,
“status”: 404,
“message”: “Not Found”,
“id”: null,
“data”: {
“entity”: null

can you help me ?

best regards

Could you show me the call you’re trying to make please? (in postman or script)

At a guess either layoutId or displayGroupId is incorrect