API Call in .Net Application

I want to call the xibo API through my .Net Application. I have server key, secret key & User name password, & Aaplication URL with me.

Kindly share the step by step guidelines to call API through.Net Application.

Someone posted this (C# API POST with JSON) which might be useful?

thanks for your reply.

We are not able to locate the Client ID & Client Secret Key in our xibo cms application.

Above is the screenshot of our xibo cms application. We are not able to edit the application to view the client id & secret key.

Kindly suggest…

You will need to use 1.8 release for the API - the API in 1.7 was beta software and never fully functional.

Is API in version 1.7 capable of achieving below functionality or i have to switch to 1.8 for this.

• edit display name and approve connectivity of the display
• add display groups
• add user groups
• add user and associate usergroups
• add device to display group and user group

You will need to switch to 1.8 for those functions.

I wouldn’t recommend any usage of the 1.7 API in production, other than for the very specific cases we’ve written about in the past (the only cases that were tested).