Announcements to be displayed

In our school we are constantly sending announcements out over email to staff, to then give to the students, it would be a good feature not only in school, to have an announcements page that sends out a burst of information(Or to quickly add it to the schedule in the same styles) to the relevant announcement displays stating the information that is inputted and to also be able to schedule this would be even better

this comes from a technician that gets the emails and manually changes a single layout to do what is needed and then reschedules it, but this then take the last announcement off, which could still be relevant, then I have to duplicate the layout its a real head ache

You could perhaps use the Notifications and then Notification widget to show the relevant notifications on Xibo players?

So you could have one layout with notification widget and whatever else you need (some background image, logo etc).
Then only create the notifications set the audience - that can be either
email - so then all users set to receive notifications would receive them via email
display - in this case the notification widget comes to play as it will show the notifications from cms for the relevant display added to the audience.

the only issue with that is it always plays and then there is no way of setting a dynamic time frame, as some notifications need to play or a hour some are needed for less than that so I can set it to expire through the layout but its not perfect

just as an idea maybe as a follow on to the idea of better notification, have the notification as a overlap to the current display

so when setting a notification or announcement, you can set if it is priority, and have it play as a layout for so long, and if not just over lap the current layout, at the bottom of the screen till the time passes

just a thought.

You can schedule the layout as “normal” layout or overlay alternatively you can use the action changeLayout or overlayLayout via API, which could be better in this case perhaps.

Alternatively you could have a region with notification widget “all the time” in the player and it would show either latest notification / message that there are no notifications or the new notifications that have this particular player in the audience.

Technically it could be possible to add new “priority” parameter to the notification, which would trigger the, presumably pre-defined layout to be scheduled to the displays in the audience - but that’s slightly more complex that it may seem.

I’d suggest to use one of the suggestions above - either have it there all the time or use API action calls if it needed to show the specific layout “now”.

the overlay sound like the best option, as I can set the background for no content to transparent, then when a message shows it then has a background, thanks for the help

is there a way with a dataset feed to state if there is only one active row then the effect does not happen

for example I have a data set entry to show for only today and nothing else, if there a filter or command that stops the effect as its really annoying constantly scrolling

I have scheduled a overlay to run always, and nothing is showing, I have just watched the video on overlays, is it still the case where I cannot overlay another layouts regions with the overlay

If it’s on Windows player then unfortunately it does not support overlapping regions / true transparency.

will this become a thing for windows or not also is there a player for a raspberry pi or a Linux distro