Android XIBO Client crashes

Is it possible to have two different regions showing different images? I have traced down the root cause of my Xibo app crashing due to the layout I am using. I have 2 regions in my layout, regions A showing a slide show of around 50 images with a duration of 5 seconds each and region B with only one image set at 300 seconds. My Xibo 1.4 client is configured to collect updates every 5 mins. With those 2 regions running, everytime that last images finishes playing in Region A, the screen would flash and then it kicks me out of the XIBO application to the Android menu. The XIBO app doesn’t even autostart even though it’s set to.When I removes region B (1 picture), the crashing has stopped. Any advice?

Please Try upgrading your Android Client to 1.7.3, version 1.4 is a bit old and the many updates and bug fixes since 1.4 may correct the problem. Are you also sure that your Android client is not running out of RAM to run?

I think @cslaughter’s suggestion is a good one - the later revisions of Xibo for Android contain a lot of work to improve the loading and caching of images. It seems likely that your player is running out of memory using the older code and that you might see an improvement with a newer version.

You can find details for upgrading here:

Thank you. We are planning on upgrading to 1.7 later in the summer. Can we use client 1.7.3 without upgrading the CMS server?

Yes, you can use 1.7 R53 against 1.4/1.6 and 1.7 CMS