Android with Display port or DP port

I have question about a DP port.
Do you know any Android wit DP port for video?
How does it work, if I connect the displays in chain like 3 displays.
how can i allocate image to different screen, can it be done or just a large image containing all 3 screen?
thank you for your advices.
thank you.

I don’t know of an Android device with Display Port.

I’m not aware that you can daisy chain displays like that. If you want all of them to show the same thing, then you’d need an HDMI splitter/amplifier to take the output from your Android device and replicate it to each screen.

We don’t support video walls in software on Android. If you want them to all act as one large screen you’d need a video wall device to take the HDMI output from your Android device and split it in to sections, one for each TV.

Hello Alex,
Thank you for your reply. It clear. thanx.