Android Version Difference

Have a client that has about 4 screens running android 1.7, CMS was 1.7.
Upgraded CMS to docker and 1.8.11 ( newest ) … Do I need to update and upgrade android licenses or will they still work for now ?

Assuming they’re running version 1.7 R58 or later they will work with the new CMS in a compatibility mode until you are able to upgrade them.

If they’re running an earlier version than that they won’t work at all.

When you upgrade them to 1.8, you’ll need to upgrade their licences too.

Shows R52 under license … can I build an older version of Android for the time being ?
Thanks !

Yes you can download any back version of Xibo for Android from our website:

Ensure you tick “Show Archived”.

If you have an Android white label, then simply choose the version you want to build, save, and then build your white label to build an older version.