Android Unable to register due to error Start_tag

Error Log

SQL: SELECT display.displayid, display.display, displaygroup.description, layout.layout, display.loggedin, IFNULL(display.lastaccessed, 0) AS lastaccessed, display.inc_schedule, display.licensed, display.email_alert, displaygroup.DisplayGroupID, display.ClientAddress, display.MediaInventoryStatus, display.MacAddress, display.client_type, display.client_version, display.client_code, display.screenShotRequested, display.storageAvailableSpace, display.storageTotalSpace, currentLayout.layout AS currentLayout, currentLayout.layoutId AS currentLayoutId FROM display INNER JOIN lkdisplaydg ON lkdisplaydg.DisplayID = display.DisplayID INNER JOIN displaygroup ON displaygroup.DisplayGroupID = lkdisplaydg.DisplayGroupID LEFT OUTER JOIN layout ON layout.layoutid = display.defaultlayoutid LEFT OUTER JOIN layout currentLayout ON currentLayout.layoutId = display.currentLayoutId WHERE displaygroup.IsDisplaySpecific = 1 ORDER BY displayid. Params: array (
‘displaygroupid’ => 0,
‘display’ => ‘’,
‘macAddress’ => ‘’,
‘clientVersion’ => ‘’,

That’s not error log really, that’s just a sql query, anyway we had some other customer with start_tag error on register.

Since I don’t see any details regarding your error, perhaps try to do the same thing he did.

Open php.ini and find always_populate_raw_post_data make sure it’s set to -1 and it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

Please restart your web server after you make this change.