Android screen portrait issue

What am i doing wrong?
I have an android player with 104 and CMS 1.8.1
I have set the orientation of my android device to portrait.
When Xibo starts in android, the splash screen is shown correct but when it starts to play, the portrait content not showing correctly.
I have Android portrait profile and also portrait layout but the content is not showing correctly.
It shows as the picture attached.

Any ideas?
This is icecream which should not be shown in this way where right side is down.

How does it look like in the designer?

Hi Peter,
it looks very normal, regular portrait content which is portrait by origin and added to a portrait layout.
The size is 1080x1920

What is confusing me is,
splash screen works correct but once it jumps to the actual layout, the content is not shown correctly.

Could you send me this layout in a private message please? I will take a look then.

Exported from CMS and
sent :grinning:

The layout with 3 videos you’ve sent to me, seems to be fine, all videos are in portrait orientation on a portrait layout which works fine if the device is using portrait orientation in display profile.

Do you have problems with these videos on your screen as well?

That does not seem to include the ice cream content that you’ve posted in this topic.

Hi Peter,
thank you! :grinning:

I have changed the content before sending it to you. The result is however same, player is not displaying the content correctly.

I will replace the player with another one one Monday to see if that helps.


the problem seams familiar to me. So if you can, play a little with the meta rotation value when you encode the videos stuff . It solves my problems playing portrait videos by xibo.

Hi Stefan,
sorry, not sure what do you mean by meta rotation of video stuff.
Can you please explain a bit?

Hi guys,
this is happening with only MP4 video any ideas of how to fix it?
If the content is image, it is shown correctly.

Hey guys, was a solution found for this issue? I have seemed to come across the exact same issue where all media rotates into portrait mode except for mp4 video

i have been able to fix it by upgrading the firmware of my Android device.
This indeed is not a Xibo related issue, it is hardware + Android issue.

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