Android RTSP video stutter problem - buffering options?

We’re running the Android client on a Minix U9-H and everything works quite well except for live video that we’re pulling via RTSP from our cameras. It’s been observed, approximately every 3 seconds, the video will stutter. We’ve verified that the cameras, network, and video streams are good/stable by playing it on other software (VLC/MPC-HC) and that the Minix can handle the video in the first place - it works wonderfully with local video.

The video source is 1080p30 H.264 over RTSP straight from the camera to Xibo Client. Is there any option within the client to control the buffer size? or is this something done at the OS level? Camera is a FLIR DNZ30TL2R.

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I wonder what bitrate does that video/stream has?

On Xibo side there isn’t much you can configure in the local video module for the RTSP, basically it should just take the URL and run it for the specified duration.

The bitrate is currently 2048mbps. We’ve tried higher and lower with the same result.