Android Player with Android 9


I’m having issues with the Android Player and Android 9. I havent tested all the features of Xibo, but the text does not render at all. I was testing on a Genymotion emulator. When I installed a Android 5 emulator the player worked as expected.

We use CMS 2.0.1 and the Android V2 R201 app.

Hey I have the exact same issue… Bump

Thank you for your message. After testing the Xibo player on Android 9, it has been discovered that there are some issues which will be further investigated by the Development team. In the meantime, I would recommend using an alternative version of Android to ensure the Player functions as you would like.

My apologies for the inconvenience, thank you again for passing on your experiences with the Xibo Player on Android 9, your feedback has been very helpful.

Many Thanks.

Yeah, I’m having all kinds of issues on Android 9. We’re using xibo for internal/self-hosted displays just inside our building… Server-side works fine, but with the default install the android app won’t let you add the display since it won’t allow CLEARTEXT to be sent over the connection… then if you go through the trouble to setup SSL, it STILL won’t let you add the display since you’re using an internal CA that it doesn’t have in the list of trusted root CA’s… you ALSO can’t use letsencrypt because they only let you create certificates with public domain names… Grrrrrr, Imma go crazy.

Nyx: same suggestion I made Elsewhere for someone with a self-signed certificate …

Go to the SSL version of the server on your CMS wth a web browser on the Android device. You may be prompted whether to trust the certificate; if you say yes, that may be at the operating system level, which would solve your problem.

I have used this trick when trying to get K-9 Mail to talk to my mail server which is SSL only. The mail client won’t prompt for the trust, but the browser on the phone will.

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