Android Player V R217

I change default layout but showing in cms download complete …but not changed in display current layout (Showing Old layout)

Hi Sumant_Singh.

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear about your issue. There are a few potential causes for the behaviour you are seeing, please can you make sure that:

  • The time date and time zone are correct on your device running your player.
  • If you have events scheduled to that player, those layouts will appear instead of your default layout. The default layout is only shown if there are no current events or an issue occurs with those events. Please make sure to check your event schedule in case this explains why you are not seeing the default layout.
  • Is you player licensed, or within its 14 day trial? If it is not, this could also explain why you are not seeing new layout.

If you have checked all of the above suggestions and the correct layout still is not showing, please open a ticket on the helpdesk and provide a screenshot of the status page. you can use this guide to find out how to access those status logs.

Many Thanks.

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