Android Player - Skipping first layout in Campaign


I was testing xfa R55 and noticed that client is skipping the first layout in the campaign. Also tested by re-ordering layout or with just 2 layouts but problem
persists. Works fine with Windows client.

Is that a known issue. It could be device specific though. Could someone test this on their device.


Yes, i have the same problem.

Unfortunately the apk generated by the system is not accepting downgrade. Xibo needs to allow the user to downgrade in case of problems.

In addition to the problem with the schedule, closing app alone, stopping without cause content to run and going to the next schedule …

Connectivity failure with frequency

Have you been successfully using another version previously? I.e. R54 was working R55 isn’t? Or was it an earlier version?

We’ve had one other report of this (as you can see from the other comment) and lots of reports that R55 is more stable and doesn’t skip layouts. This has been “confirmed” by our own testing against a range of different content - however there is clearly something going on here that needs more investigation.

The differences between R54 and R55 are quite small - there have been:

  • Improvements to image handling to stop crashing
  • Re-enable shell commands (they got disabled in R53)
  • Obey the settings on Web Media

As you can see, a small set of changes between those two versions. Therefore I think we need to approach this from a “what is wrong now” principle, rather than a “what has changed principle”.

Do you get any error messages when the layout is skipped? Can you provide a status screen photo/screenshot showing the list of layouts the player thinks is valid?

There is potential for an image to be skipped in R55 which would have caused R54 to crash - I don’t think that can be the situation we are experiencing here, because it would have crashed in R54.

You can always un-install and reinstall to downgrade. Not allowing a downgrade isn’t a feature of Xibo, it is a feature of Android and not something we can workaround for manual installations.

If you use the update mechanism through the CMS on a rooted device we may be able to put a workaround in place that will allow application downgrade - we are looking into that.

The real solution is not to have regressions of functionality - which of course we try and achieve.

We’ve not been able to recreate any of these situations yet and have been running your example content all morning on 2 devices. We’ve replied to your private message on the subject so we can try to track down the issue.

Hello Dan,

First thank you for your attention and support.
Today will be the birth of my son (first of many) … I believe that on Friday I can do more tests.

Let’s speaking by email. Thank you and good week.

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Congratulations!! :confetti_ball: