Android player quitting intermittently (3x daily) - "Xibo Has Stopped"

I have three Android media players installed and two of them are stopping intermittently, between 2 to 3 times daily, with the error “Xibo Has Stopped” (see attached picture).

I’m using really nice boxes, the Minix Neo U9-H and they are running Android 6.0.

It’s a regular Android installation (nothing custom except Minix’s launcher). Does anyone know what is going on (perhaps a common setting I could change to stop this), or a method to debug what is causing the failure?

One other thing to note is that these do not have active internet connections. They are all set up (via phone hotspot wireless) and then we turned the hotstop off. I would assume not having an internet connection would not cause them to stop working but I wanted to mention this. PS: I do know they will need to check licensing once per month so we will connect to hotspot at least once a month.

I’ll also add that we are only showing one Layout that contains a simple JPEG image (set to 86400 seconds). It’s set to be the primary event so there is nothing fancy like flash or video causing it to crash.

We’re on Spring Signage CMS, and the Android players are v1.8 (version code 102).

I’ve replied to your support ticket with us, we shall continue this discussion there.

where can i see that ticket?? I have the same issue… thanks.