Android player not displaying contents

Hey we are running 12 signage displays on premise with 1.7 version CMS assigned for each display independently using android device coz we are working through a VPN network. Since late July one of our display was not viewing contents. So I checked the status icon & the below info shows under a title called Blacklist
Last 5 massages
Method: Display manager. Massage: Can not set the next layout from the next scheduled. Schedule invalid.
Here is the screenshot
Can you please help us make this thing work?

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Thank you for your message Mak1 and welcome to the Community!

The Blacklist title you referred to is a separate log entry in itself, which is where any media items that are not able to play on your Player will be listed if they fail. The fact that it says Blacklist with nothing listed underneath would suggest there is nothing to be concerned about regarding Blacklist.

The last 5 Messages section will indeed list the last 5 messages or errors related to that Player. It appears you only have one message currently, which states that your Schedule is Invalid. There are a number of possible causes for this error so I would first need more information about this Player to find the root cause.

Please provide a full screenshot of all of the information on your Status page. The Status page is like to contain sensitive information that you would prefer not to share on a public post, if this is the case then please send a copy to me in a Private Message.

I would also first recommend checking the Schedule you have created for that Player. You can do this in the Schedule option in your CMS, then click the Select Displays box above the Calendar and choose this Player. make sure there are no Events for Layouts that are invalid or no longer exist.

Next I would suggest checking the Logs section in your CMS. You can select this Player and look for any other errors you are receiving that could also help to explain the issue.

You also mentioned that you are using a 1.7 Version CMS. can you confirm the full version number for your CMS? You can see this by going to the login page for your CMS, it should be listed there.

Many Thanks.