Android Player Hardware

I have reviewed the Recommended Android Hardware list. I intend to purchase a MINIX NEO U9-H but was looking at purchasing other players to test as well. We would like to explore multiple candidates, as we will have 30 or more displays and want to ensure good functionality before we deploy that many players. Are there any players that other people have experimented with and gotten good results? We want to be able to render images with transparency. From what I understand, Android players can do this, Windows players cannot. Are certain Android players limited in their capacity to render this content as well? If so, what should I look for to ensure a player can do this? We are considering the DS Devices as well, however, the shipping options aren’t straightforward and are looking for products to be delivered quickly.

We’re currently looking at the Shuttle devices recommended in another thread here. They are very nice, however use Android 5.1 which is fairly long in the tooth now. They’re certainly another option, and easily available in the US.

The Minix U9 isn’t on the recommended list. I’ve never seen or tested one. As long as you’re happy to do your own testing, then it may be suitable, I’m not sure.

I saw the U9 wasn’t on the list, but thought that it might be reliable as it’s made by the same manufacturer. I could only find the Minix Z64 with Windows installed on Amazon, and I couldn’t find it for Android. We will consider the Shuttle Nano as well. Thank you.

Hi…my name is Laura Gray, and I am the owner at Digital Signage Resolutions in Las Vegas. We are a reseller of these units and a direct partner with Shuttle, and have found them to be a GREAT alternative to the MiniX devices. We can also provide the players with Xibo for Android preinstalled. Please message me at for more information and pricing on your deployment. If you are in the States, we would also be happy to provide you with a demo unit to test it out.