Android License Problem

I have 13 licenses on the spring signage page and I had 13 clients. Well one device was saying that it was no longer licensed because the trial version ran out. So first i tried to activate it but i get an error stating that it could not find that email address. Then i removed it from my license pool and from the cms, uninstalled client, rebooted and reinstalled. Still when I try to activate license i get the same error. When i try and activate it, I get the following:

License check remote "length-1, index=1"
License check local “Cannot get to local license server”.

Also, the client has not shown up in my license pool yet (I changed the hardware key just in case this was the reason). Please help. Also, this display has access to the internet, has the correct time and was setup exactly like the rest.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Andrea

We will continue this discussion in your ticket, please reply to my questions there (licence pool email address, device’s name) and we will have a look.